Filip Zak Responds to Calls to Censor Kalup Advertisements

Filip Zak Responds to Calls to Censor Kalup Advertisements

Spanish feminist activists took to twitter and facebook yesterday with demands for censorship of Kalup’s debut advertising campaign.

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The criticism comes after the digital launch of our ‘Making of Photo Shoot’ video, showcasing our debut male collection of Kalup Motorcycle fetish wear. The photography, which depicts scenes of men, in ‘slave suits’, alongside women in various states of Forniphilia.

The outrage surrounding the advertisements soon went viral on twitter with global interest from international media and fashion news wires reacting to the conversation that was created.

Watch the controversial video

KALUP – PHOTO SHOOT MAKING OF from Kalup on Vimeo.

We spoke to Filip Zak this morning for his response to the calls to ban Kalup advertising for allegedly ‘objectifying’ women and executing a ‘sexist’ marketing campaign.

“The mentioned fashion photography pictures are our contribution to the world of ‘Man’ where ‘Woman’ and ‘Motorcycles’ are treated as ‘objects’. So we have exaggerated the same in an artistic expression. Advertising should rise emotions. As we are working on a women collection, you will be equally offended seeing how we will treat man in spring next year.”

Ride safe, ride in style.  Kind regards,
Filip Zak – Managing Director
Kalup Machines
Screen shot of the petition to censor and ban Kalup.
Change petition against Kalup

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  1. Vasek says:

    So in next advertise simply change the roles and you’ll see.

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