Kalup Buys Bitcoins – Paralelní Polis & The Hackers Congress 2014

Kalup Buys Bitcoins – Paralelní Polis & The Hackers Congress 2014

It was a fantastic event on Thursday – the opening night of Paralelní Polis and The Hackers Congress 2014.

Kalup are big supporters of the hub and the founders. We have been working towards launching the ability to buy Kalup clothing with Bitcoins. We will offer a discount rate for people who purchase with Bitcoins.

You now don’t have to be some kind of whizz kid h4ck3r – deep inside the deepnet – to own or trade in Bitcoins.

Paralelní Polis has its very own Bitcoin ATM machine, where you can buy Bitcoins or even fractions of Bitcoins. The hub is open to the public daily, offering the best rates on Bitcoin exchange and support if you are trading or buying for the very first time.

We aim to be one of the very first fashion retailers in Czech Republic, who offers purchase of our goods to the world, through onsite Bitcoin transaction.

Do you want the red pill or the blue pill?

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