KALUP meets Lorenzo Eroticolor

KALUP meets Lorenzo Eroticolor

For ages we’ve admired, drooled over and been dazzled by the posters of Lorenzo Eroticolor. The Frenchman has dedicated his creative career to perfecting the poster – many reflect the style and passion of the Cafe Racer era.

The erotic brushstrokes of Lorenzo take you on a sensual journey through this classic form of graphic design – when graphic becomes fine art. The woodblock style, the wetness of the ink, the feeling of the artists own hand stroking each line.

Lorenzo is prolific in his output – designing book covers, illustrations for magazines, private commissions and organising international exhibitions of his work.

“Each creation by Lorenzo ultimately makes a voyeur of us all. His work obviously titillates our latent fetishism. Every ‘Lorenzo Picture’ immerses us in his “disturbing strangeness” and we are invited make our world more sensational, sensual. Sexual.”

photographies © Laure Fourcade

The man is unstoppable KALUP wanted to reach out to Lorenzo, make a connection and look for future collaboration together. We managed to catch up with Lorenzo for a coffee and some cigarettes. What follows is our conversation.

© Laure Fourcade

Kalup: What was the inspiration for you to connected motorbikes with fetish?

Lorenzo: Where come the inspiration ? From what magical source ? My work is a simple testimony of my own world. My idea of practicing motorcycle is obviously related to the sensuality. The erotic world is superimposed naturally.  It was an evidence that I can’t fight against! One other reason is that I was boring by the motorcycle iconography. And I need to explore something else than the « rocker » or all this kind of usual cliches – or ready-made ideas there was in motorcycle iconography.

In early XX century, there was incredible artists, and all these pertinence and humor was lost… Same for Erotic or Fetish world…

© Laure Fourcade

Kalup: Who are your inspiration sources from other artist.

Lorenzo: I admire the perfection and humor of John Willie. The Master. Bizarre magazine is the source. Of All. I have discover this quite later, and when I see that I recognize what I was trying to do with the Eroticolor serie… filiation was obvious for me, about the philosophy. After that, I appreciate a lot of artists, like the Photographers Alejandra Guerrero, Chas Ray Krider and Bill Phelps. I have no really inspiration about motorcycle.

Kalup: Do you own bike? What type? Did you customise it?

Lorenzo: Of course I have a motorcycle, it’s a my old crapy Beemer, from 69. It was a 5/600 which is become a « bitza (we name it like this in France when you mix several parts of different years) » with part of 90s, 900/6. I have worked on it, yes, helped for the big mechanic work by a friend, a mysterious wizard… I have prepared my own creature. Not really fashion, I’m afraid of that, Sir! It’s a motorcycle who need to ride everyday – a tool to carry my posters and sometimes travel… as far as possible.

© Laure Fourcade

Kalup: How often do you ride?

Lorenzo: Quite every day on my faithful metal horse… And I have the chance to ride for magazines sometimes, on different kind of motorcycles.

Kalup:What do you wear while riding?

© Laure Fourcade

Lorenzo: My Bat suit, of course, haha! And my Lewis Leather boots…

Kalup:Have you ever been to Prague?

Lorenzo: Unfortunately no, and it’s a shame! But I hope we will work for an exhibition with Kalup, of course!

© Laure Fourcade

Kalup: What is your idea of best spend day and night?

Lorenzo: Far from the reality.

Kalup: What music you play while working (if any)

Lorenzo: Most of the time I work in a religious silence…

When I can concentrate with music, it can be various. From Classical music to pure rock’n’roll…

Kalup: Seeing that you are painting mostly girls – do you like girls dominant as on your pictures, or more house wife (or did you get lucky to have cooking dominatrix at home?)

Lorenzo: Haha! Who know the mysterious life of the Eroticolor team??? I’m tired of Slave, it’s more exciting to invade the mind of The Mistress… I like the Duel!!

Kalup Meets Lorenzo © Laure Fourcade

Kalup: What are you woking on at the moment?

Lorenzo: A new series named THE AUTOMOTIVE ENTHUSIAST, a column and poster for a new very chic car magazine which come soon… If all is ok… And some exciting projects….

Kalup: Is there some big dream you would like to fulfil in the future.

Lorenzo: Requiescat in pace…

photographies © Laure Fourcade

photographies © Laure Fourcade

Where to find Lorenzo on the web. Aristocratic series and also his website as well as facebook. You can join us over on our Kalup Machines facebook top continue the discussion and for exclusive images and offers.

Ride safe, ride in style.

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  1. Chelsea Lee says:

    Lorenzo is the finest Artist of his day! Absolutely ADORE his works!!

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