Kalup – The Riding Gear For the Brave

Kalup – The Riding Gear For the Brave

Up until this point, motorcycle riding gear was all a bit too stripey and a bit too same-o, sameo. Functionality over style. A loss of sex appeal. Of the thrill of the ride. This was the thought of two young Bohemians with a love for motorcycles, modern design and women. Within a year the Kalup brand was born.

Riding gear that protects you even in the club

“We wanted to make riding gear that protects you while riding a bike and you can still hit a Berlin club later,” explains Filip Žák, one of the brand founders.

Kalup product detail 5 low

Kalup jackets and overalls were created with high precision design for safety as well as incorporating a bespoke fashion identity. Kalup use German SAS-TEC protectors and everything is handmade in a proven Czech manufacture, which has been making Moto GP racing suits for years.

Welcome to our Workshop

Quality video – Kalup from Kalup on Vimeo.

Kalup product detail 1 low

“We spent a lot of time on making the prototypes and fine tuning production,” adds Pavel Hluchy, the chief designer of the brand. “We wanted to offer not just made-to-measure functional gear, but a ready to wear collection that hits the same high quality level.”

Original Tom of Finland design

Tom of Finland Kalup Limited Edition Jacket

Some of the most interesting lines in the new Kalup collection are the retro style made-to-measure overalls and a jacket featuring an original Tom of Finland fetish design. Unique and bespoke riding gear for the free and open minded. Not only designed for speed and thrill of motorcycling yet also at home in any concerning fetishists wardrobe.

The new Kalup range sends a clear signal that Kalup is not pushing the limits just in the materials and workmanship quality, but in the design itself. It is our pleasure to present it to you.
We are motorcycle fetishists.
We are Kalup.

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