Kalup To Attend The Hacker Kongres Paralelní Polis 2014

Kalup To Attend The Hacker Kongres Paralelní Polis 2014

Hackers Congress Paralelni Polis aims to open basic topics that will be pivotal content of the Cryptoanarchy Institute. The main motives will be projected to the whole concept of Paralelni Polis. Congress program will feature lectures of guests like Mark Palatina (aka Slush) and Paul Rusnak (aka Stick) of Satoshi Labs, Alain Bieber (rebel: art, DE), Bastien Beaufort (CRED Fr.), prof. Josef Sima (CEVRO Institut) or Josef Prusa (3D print).

Main topics of the congress:

  1.  Cryptocurrencies, free market and parallel economies
  2. Cryptoanarchy and other concepts for developing free society
  3. Political art
  4. Open source, 3D print, copyright

Congress program includes lectures, discussions, workshops, parties and additional events.

10th to 12th October 2014 in Prague

Confirmed speakers:

  • Josef Šíma (CZ)
  • Petr Boháček (CZ)
  • Stick (SK)
  • Josef Průša (CZ)
  • Frank Braun
  • Joerg Platzer (GE)
  • Ben Parry and Peter McCaughey (UK)
  • Smuggler
  • Richard Ďurana (SK)
  • Zuzana Ďuračinská (CZ)
  • Juraj Kubica (SK)
  • Jan Ritsema (FR)
  • Pavol Draxler (SK)
  • Nikola Šmidt (CZ)
  • Igor Cibula (SK)
  • Mike Gogulski (?)
  • Pavol Lupták (SK)
  • Marek Palatinus (slush) (CZ)
  • Wireless Warrior
  • Barney Francis (UK)
  • Frederick Malouf
  • Bastien Beaufort (FR)
  • Juraj Bernár (SK)
  • Pavel Zbytovský (CZ)
  • Jindřich Raftl (CZ)
  • Lucie Straková a Martin Loučka (CZ)
  • Petr Kindlmann (CZ)

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