New Prague Flagship Kalup Store Opening Soon

New Prague Flagship Kalup Store Opening Soon

After month’s of designing, planning and hard graft we can give you a sneak peak of the new Kalup store. Located in the very heart of Europe, in the centre of Prague, our new store is the next level in Motorcycle gear shopping experience.


Kalup Point of Sale at MR43 – Exclusive Motorcycles showroom

How much I love you from Kalup on Vimeo.

You can now feel, touch and smell the hand made quality of Bohemian leather. Feel the craftsmanship around your body. Enjoy a personal measuring session from our friendly maids.

Our new flagship store will be a Cafe Racer mecca for Europe. You can follow us on instagram for all the latest pictures and join us on facebook to continue the ride.

Like us on facebook to win a chance to the opening of the new store.

Check out our full range of Motorcycle gear over at the original eStore.

Cover photo by Jakub Frey Photographer

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